• Mitratech and Huron Legal join to enhance analytics and benchmarking platform

    As legal analytics and benchmarking become more and more important tools for General Counsel, Mitratech, a provider of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions, announced that Huron Legal’s Sky Analytics solution has qualified as a Certified Legal Analytics Partner. This partnership with Huron Legal will benefit corporate and government legal departments...

  • More than great lawyers

    While legal insight can be the product of a solitary genius, the delivery of modern legal services demands a mix of people, processes and technology. Our previous columns calling for structured dialogue between law departments and law firms are informed by our view that the marketplace should pay more attention...

  • IP lockdown

    The era of Big Data is, for better or for worse, upon us. And in this Brave New World that has such data in it, companies inevitably have massive amounts of information that must be kept both private and secure. Trade secrets such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and even...

  • On law department responsibility (Part 2)

    Our last column called for structured dialogue between law departments and law firms. We recommended an ongoing conversation about identifiable improvements in how legal services are delivered. With people and pricing in place, process will drive continuous improvement. Collaboration can deepen relationships between law departments and law firms. Better legal...

  • 6 tech hacks to help attorneys achieve work/life balance (yes, really!)

    Here are six tech hacks you can use to supercharge your productivity and get back to the things you enjoy.

  • Upsetting the status quo: How ESI-related disruptive innovations improved the legal market

    A significant new market now exists in which general counsel may purchase ESI (electronically stored information), litigation support and document review products and services from vendors other than traditional big law firms.

  • Scare them, scare yourself

    I have a terrific work commute. Most people can't say that, especially in the New York metro area, where a lot of my colleagues battle with suburban train delays and subway reroutings. But I get to take a ferry, which gives me nice views of the harbor, as well as...

  • The text mess age

    You know those Internet memes where they promise to pay you a million dollars if you can last three months without going online? Well, these days, in the business world, the inverse is true. If you tried eschewing modern communications for even a few days, your profits would certainly suffer.

  • On law department responsibility (Part 1)

    It is a buyer's market for legal services. Yet, there remain many glaring deficits in the delivery of legal services that we have not remedied. To address these faults, we need to incent outside counsel to work differently, set clear expectations for what we want, and work collaboratively to ensure...

  • Legal department, meet document automation

    Legal departments can strengthen their partnership with the business side of their organizations by streamlining functions like contract creation.

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