general counsel

  • Thomas Mars, former Wal-Mart GC, joins law firm

    Thomas A. Mars, former general counsel for Wal-Mart, has joined law firm Taylor English Duma LLC.

  • Sager will bring experience, perspective to new law firm role

    “One reason I landed on Ballard was that we share the same core values,” he explains.

  • 10 noteworthy in-house career moves

    Charting some of the most recent GC and in-house appointments

  • Transforming leadership

    Encouraging diversity within a legal team is often not as simple as an assemblage of policies aimed at promoting tolerance in the workplace; it requires vision and strong leadership to bring out the true potential in any team member.

  • Breaking boundaries

    Talent development,” “thought leader,” “Big Data,” “law department operations”— these are just a handful of buzzwords that have bounced around the industry this past decade. Here's a potential new one for you: “borderless.”

  • Bully pulpit: The GC as public mover and shaker

    If nothing else, a July 20 Times feature on Smith reinforces a constant sub-theme of this column and the insistent message in-house counsel have been hearing for years about the need to expand their professional impact beyond the confines of strictly legal practice.

  • Directions to the general counsel seat (part 2): Four tips at three years to go

    At three years away your substantive legal skills must be superb; your financial and business acumen and problem-solving and collaboration skills are developing; and you have some solid relationships in the C-suite.

  • Global guru

    To better meet the company's increasingly complex legal needs, P&G's legal department has pioneered talent development and business process engineering projects aimed to allow for more holistic legal strategies.

  • Tour of Duty: CVS Caremark GC Thomas M. Moriarty

    Thomas M. Moriarty, the general counsel of retailer and healthcare company CVS Caremark, knows a thing or two about health. But it's not just his role as chief health strategy officer that drives him; it's maintaining the health of the in-house legal department of one of the 50 largest companies...

  • ‘Second Largest’ firms getting lion’s share of M&A work

    Findings from enterprise legal management (ELM) software company CounselLink point to the ‘Second Largest’ category of law firms getting a bigger slice of the legal business pie when it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services.

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