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From The Editor

  • Intellectual value

    Welcome back, everyone. Judging by the non-tourist pedestrian traffic around our editorial offices, and the extra seats on the subway, a lot of people have been away. I managed to duck out of the city, the country even. And what did I do on my summer vacation? On one day,...

  • The art and science of law

    As Reese Arrowsmith, head of legal operations at Lincoln Financial Group, said in a discussion, “Lawyers still think of law as an art, not a science.” He implied that that was a bad thing. But like everything at work (and maybe in life), it's both.

  • This just in: Technology has won

    The legal department has to get out to talk to business-side colleagues, figure out how they do their jobs, and suss out why things can go wrong and how to fix things when they do.

  • The next chapter

    Sometimes change is thrust upon us and it's for the better, representing an unfolding of reality. I never thought I would be saying goodbye so soon, but change often happens quickly.

  • New focus for the New Year

    While making generalizations can be risky business, on the whole, lawyers, especially those in-house, are some of the most time-strapped people I know. Yet even for them, the holiday season and the celebration of a pending New Year leave some time for much needed revelry and relaxation. Perhaps, most importantly,...

  • Leadership through diversity

    This unique “sharing the power” mentality was seen among women who took part in WIPL conference, which focused on both the unique challenges and opportunities for women in the legal profession.

  • Breaking boundaries

    Talent development,” “thought leader,” “Big Data,” “law department operations”— these are just a handful of buzzwords that have bounced around the industry this past decade. Here's a potential new one for you: “borderless.”

  • Ready, willing and able

    These topics, in addition to our report on up-and-coming female GCs, prove that the status quo is built on invariably shifting sands, and that no space is unaffected by time's relentless march forward.

  • Making allies in unexpected places

    General counsel are essential players in building some very important relationships, and there is one connection in particular that has developed into a critical dynamic for businesses.

  • Cleaning up corruption in the business

    The GC acts as that classic figurehead of the summer: the lifeguard. She watches the waves to make sure no sharks are looming and, if we are in trouble, she swims out to rescue us and bring us back from dangerous waters.

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