• FedEx changes corporate governance rules to retain CEO

    The board of FedEx has changed the rules to allow Fred Smith to stay on as head of the company for at least another three years.

  • FedEx faces EEOC suit for failing to accommodate deaf workers

    The Commission says that FedEx did not provide sufficient accommodations to those workers, failing to offer sign-language interpretation and closed captioning in their mission-critical communications. This includes onboarding communications like training videos and orientations as well as safety meetings and reviews.

  • Kansas Supreme Court classifies FedEx Ground drivers as employees

    Originally brought by former and current drivers of FedEx Ground, the initial suit argued that in classifying drivers as independent contractors, FedEx intentionally sought to avoid paying overtime. They also argue this was done to divert the cost of FedEx branded uniforms and equipment to the drivers.

  • FedEx Ground loses appeal of contractor class action

    In their initial suit, drivers alleged that between 2000 and 2007, FedEx shifted the status of full-time employees to contractors in multiple states, illegally saddling them with costs, including those associated with operation.

  • FedEx weighs in on indictment

    FedEx has previously said that it denies any allegations that it colluded with pharmacies or facilitated the shipment of drugs in any capacity and reached out to clarify several points reaffirming that position.

  • Women, Influence & Power in Law roundup

    Women working in the legal force realm have been making a statement since the start of the summernoise recently. Starting off with Laureen Seeger’s appointment as general counsel at American Express, Kristin Coleman and Vivian Yang followed shortly after as the two were named GCs at Sears and RealD, respectively....

  • FedEx faces arraignment for drug trafficking charges

    On July 17, shipping giant FedEx Corp. was indicted in a San Francisco federal court for conspiracy to traffic controlled substances for online pharmacies. FedEx is scheduled for arraignment today, and will plead not guilty to the charges.

  • U.S. Attorney Haag announces FedEx indictment

    FedEx Corp., FedEx Express, Inc. and FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. have been indicted by a San Francisco federal grand jury with conspiracies to traffic controlled substances and misbranded prescription drugs, according to U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California Melinda Haag.

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  • FedEx indictment debated

    The recent indictment of FedEx for transporting pharmaceuticals from illegal online pharmacies has caused a lot of controversy.

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