false advertising

  • IP: The top 5 advertising litigation cases of 2011

    The trends reflected by these cases are worthwhile for in-house counsel to keep in mind as they review their own advertising for 2012

  • Clorox must change cat litter ads

    A Manhattan judge ruled yesterday that Clorox, maker of Fresh Step cat litter, made “literally false” claims in its litter commercial when it said its product kills odor better than Arm & Hammer’s Super Scoop, a rival litter, made by Church & Dwight Co. (C & D).

  • Reebok must pay $25 million in false advertising settlement

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered sportswear company Reebok to pay $25 million for making false claims in advertisements for its EasyTone shoes. The FTC said Reebok's claims that a pair of its shoes helped tone and strengthen legs and buttocks was deceptive.

  • Hospital harangues Highmark over false ads

    People living in and around Pittsburgh are likely overjoyed at the prospect of their health care possibly being affected by a particularly vitriolic feud between their local hospital and insurance company.

  • More beef between Chicago frank makers vying to become top dog

    The next time someone asks “Where’s the beef?,” the answer will resoundingly be “Chicago.” In the past two months, the city that put Jurgis Rudkus on the map has become a heated battleground for a wiener war featuring four of the major hot dog producers in the nation.

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