electronically stored information

  • Technology: Predictive coding gets its day in court

    The hottest development in the electronically stored information (ESI) world is predictive coding. It is a promising tool that, in non-technical terms, can automatically tag or designate documents.

  • Technology: Facilitating efficient and cost-effective discovery

    Discovery costs are often the single greatest expense in litigation, particularly when the total impact, including the opportunity cost of employees identifying discoverable documents instead of performing their jobs, is considered. This column focuses on how to intelligently manage discovery during litigation, building upon the lessons from previous columns.

  • E-discovery: Using predictive coding to manage e-discovery costs and risks

    A common dilemma faced by general counsel when their companies are confronted with litigation is handling the volume of electronically stored information (ESI), particularly the associated costs of collecting, reviewing and producing relevant ESI. Frequently this cost dominates the e-discovery process.

  • Technology: Refining your corporate data policies

    The previous column discussed the many forms and locations of electronically stored information (ESI) within today’s typical enterprise, and the challenges posed by unmanaged, employee-created ESI.

  • Technology: The power of transparency

    Cooperation. Collaboration. Transparency. These are not the concepts we think of when discussing our legal system

  • Technology: Oh, the places your data will go

    The major amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in 2005 included specific rules for the first time governing electronically stored information (ESI).

  • Technology: Using ESI to your advantage

    ESI doesn’t have to ruin or dominate your litigation strategy.

  • Time for a change?

    Six years after the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were first amended to address electronic discovery, another round of amendments is now under consideration. Questions regarding contentious, complex and multifaceted issues such as the duty to preserve, Rule 37 sanctions and technology’s role are among the primary challenges up...

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