DC Circuit

  • Judge Protects Organizing Rights of Undocumented Workers

    Dozens of highly publicized workplace raids on companies employing undocumented workers have underscored the risk of ignoring federal immigration laws. But if an employer unknowingly ...

  • AFL-CIO Sues to Make Employers Pay for Protective Gear

    When OSHA inspected Union Tank Car Co. in 1996, the agency cited the railroad car repair business for requiring its workers to pay for safety gear such as boots and welding gloves. But when Union Tank Car challenged the citation, the agency's review commission tossed it out. The commission said...

  • Trans Fats Spur Lawsuit

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed suit alleging KFC chain's use of partially hydrogenated oil contributes to the nation's health problems.

  • Hedge Fund Manager Fights SEC Regs in Court

    The hedge fund industry operates in a notorious shroud of secrecy. Investors and government regulators know little about hedge funds' practices, activities and leadership, in stark contrast to the strict regulations and public scrutiny to which mutual funds and other investment vehicles are subject. Since June 2004 the SEC has...

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