• Labels lash out at LimeWire

    Independent music labels are taking their DIY ethic one step further and telling “the man” to pay up. In this case, the proverbial man is the now-defunct LimeWire peer-to-peer file-sharing website, which according to the lawsuit, has failed to pay up from a copyright infringement settlement.

  • Lady Gaga’s YouTube account suspended for copyright violations

    Little Monsters (aka devoted fans of Lady Gaga) were likely outraged this morning if they tried to access the eccentric pop artist’s YouTube channel, which displayed a message reading: “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy.”

  • Designers score decisive victory

    Your chances of finding faux designer handbags and accessories amid the wares of street-corner kiosks in Toronto and Vancouver may be severely limited now that Canada’s federal court awarded its largest-ever judgment in a trademark counterfeiting and copyright case to a handful of designers.

  • Inside Experts: Right product, wrong place

    Why product diversion has a significant effect on brands—and how to mitigate it.

  • IP: Will Copyright Law Give Warner Bros. a Hangover?

    A tattoo artist’s claim of copyright infringement could cost movie studio millions.

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