ATM fees

  • Merchants say card companies’ liable for more than $10 billion in damages

    Who else wants a piece of the credit card companies? Weeks after news broke that automated teller machine owners are fed up with Visa and MasterCard allegedly artificially raising the prices consumers pay for ATM use, a federal judge heard oral arguments yesterday that the card companies are still choking...

  • 3 major U.S. banks sued for colluding on ATM fees

    It seems like it was only a matter of time before someone accused the banks, too. With a spate of lawsuits being filed in the last week on the suddenly hot topic of automated teller machines (ATM), a New Jersey man yesterday filed a suit against a number of banks, alleging...

  • Visa, MasterCard sued over price fixing

    Good news for everyone annoyed by those niggling automated teller machine (ATM) access fees—a group of independent ATM operators and the National ATM Council are now carrying a torch for you.

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