9th Circuit

  • Court Dismisses Pregnancy Discrimination Case

    When Noreen Hulteen took pregnancy leave, it reduced the amount of service credit toward her pension and related benefits decreasing the amount she collected in pension payments.

  • Blind Consumers Sue Target Over Web Site

    As president of the California Association of Blind Students, Bruce Sexton decided to fight what he feels is an injustice against the visually impaired.

  • Public Entities Pose Threats to Trade Secrets

    When Evanston, Ill.-based Northfield Laboratories Inc. entered into agreements with the University of California?? 1/2 San Diego (UCSD) and San Diego County in 2003 to help test one of its pharmaceutical products, it never imagined that doing so would compromise its trade secrets. The pharmaceutical company had invented a blood...

  • Idaho County's RICO Case Fails

    A federal judge has thrown out the first attempt by a government body to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to collect damages from companies it accuses of depleting public resources through hiring illegal immigrants. On July 27, 2005, Canyon County Idaho filed suit against Syngenta Seeds,...

  • Uniform Policies Land Retailers in Court

    Hawking Chico's high-end female fashion was Charissa Villanueva's bread and butter. But behind her salesperson smile lurked bitter unhappiness. Villanueva had spent $500 to conform to the California store's dress code. Chico's policy required all employees to wear either its brand, or clothing in the style of its brand. Frustrated...

  • Sony's Rootkit Creates a Legal Fiasco

    As if Celine Dion's voice wasn't bad enough, one of her albums poses a major security threat to computer users. When inserted in a PC, the CD installs an insidious piece of software known as a rootkit--an application that hackers typically use to implant viruses and trojans on victims' computers....

  • 9th Circuit

    Labor Group Holds Wal-Mart To Code Of Conduct

  • 9th Circuit

    Plaintiffs Try To Use RICO To Curb Illegal Immigration

  • 9th Circuit

    California Cracks Down On Huge Punitive Awards

  • 9th Circuit

    Grokster Creates New Liabilities For Tech Industry

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