8th Circuit

  • Court Tosses Punitives Based on "Good Faith Efforts"

    William Dominic, an accounting manager in DeVilbiss Air Power Co.'s Decatur, Ark., plant, submitted to his plant manager in 2004 a laundry list of sexual ...

  • Supreme Court Considers Expanding Scheme Liability

    Between November 1999 and August 2002 Charter Communications allegedly padded its books with $17 million in round-trip sales involving two equipment vendors...

  • Superfund Cleanups Get a Boost From High Court

    For the past three years, owners of polluted property have been living in legal limbo.

  • Court OKs UP's Benefits Plan

    The 8th Circuit ruled March 15 that an employee health plan that provides prescription drug coverage for Viagra but not for birth control does not violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) or Title VII. Female employees of Union Pacific Railroad launched a class action in a Nebraska district court in...

  • Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Superfund Suit

    A lot of people weren't happy with the Supreme Court when it decided Cooper Industries Inc. v. Aviall Services Inc. in 2004. In that case, the High Court overturned the precedents of nine circuit courts and ruled that a landowner who voluntarily paid to clean up a polluted site couldn't...

  • Employees Sue for Birth Control Coverage

    The proverbial last straw snapped for Jackie Fitzgerald when she found herself short of cash and debating whether to fill her car's fuel tank or her birth control prescription in 2001. Fitzgerald, a trainman for Union Pacific Railroad Co. (UP), spent her last $40 to buy gas to get to...

  • Arizona Citizens Seek Blind Justice

    Enjoying the latest blockbuster flick can be a challenging experience for blind or deaf individuals. However, a group of Arizonans are hoping to change that by requiring all AMC Entertainment theaters in the state to install devices that would aid peopme with sight and hearing disabilities. Representing several citizens, the...

  • Iowa Allows Suit by Employee Fired for Positive Drug Test

    State drug testing laws trump "at-will" employment theory.

  • Latina Janitors File Class Action

    Eight Latina women have filed a class action civil rights suit against ABM Industries Inc. alleging years of sexual harassment.

  • No Relief for Peeping Tom Victim

    Jill Cottrill and another female employee filed suit against their employer, MFA Inc., alleging the company contributed to a hostile work environment.

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