5th Circuit

  • Ford Loses NAFTA Record-keeping Case

    Since September 11, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been stepping up its scrutiny of foreign travelers and their identification documents. Unfortunately for business, the ...

  • Katrina Suits Complicate CAFA Removal Rules

    On the surface Weems v. Touro Infirmary and Preston v. Tenet Health Systems Memorial Medical Center Inc. are nearly identical cases.

  • Reebok Sues Rival Over Shoe Design

    Canton, Mass.-based Reebok International has a bone to pick with sporting goods rival Nike Inc. On April 3 Reebok filed suit against the Oregon company in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, accusing Nike of infringing its "Collapsible Shoe" patent. According to the filing, several Nike...

  • Texas Technology Firm Beats Canon

    Austin, Texas-based Nano-Proprietary Inc., a small research and patent licensing firm, scored a major victory Feb. 22 against the world's third-largest patent holder, Tokyo-based Canon Inc. The ruling, which concludes a long-fought contract dispute, may thwart Canon's plans to enter the high-end TV market. At issue was Nano-Proprietary's patent for...

  • College Rivals Fight Over IP

    College football rivals the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and Texas A&M have moved the fight off the field and into the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. In December UT filed suit against Fadi Kalaouze, a former A&M graduate who owns and operates two college...

  • Texas Court Sticks Lerach Firm with Bill

    When District Court Judge Melinda Harmon granted AllianceBernstein's motion for summary judgment in the sprawling In re Enron Corp. Securities, Derivative and ERISA Litigation class action, the decision might have gone down as a minor footnote in the multibillion-dollar lawsuit. After all, Alliance Capital Management (AllianceBernstein's predecessor) already was exonerated...

  • EFF Takes On Purple Dinosaur

    When Stuart Frankel, a New York computer repair technician, created a parody of the famous purple dinosaur Barney on his Web site, he thought it was all fun and games. However, the company behind iconic kids' character, Lyons Partnership, was less than amused. After Lyons sent Frankel several cease-and-desist letters...

  • Fraud Ruling Offers Relief for White-Collar Defendants

    Merrill Lynch execs are found not guilty under "honest services" statute.

  • Small Town Attracts High Stakes IP Case

    Plaintiffs flock to Marshall, Texas courtrooms.

  • TiVo's Patents Withstand Scrutiny

    TiVo won a $74 million jury verdict against EchoStar Communications Corp. for infringing on its key patent.

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