3rd Circuit

  • Ban on Hiring Ex-Convicts Raises Title VII Concerns

    Douglas El was only 15 when a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in 1960.

  • N.J. Court Tosses 'Culture of Intoxication' Verdict

    When testimony about a "culture of intoxication" at Giants Stadium led to a $110 million jury award for a drunk-driving victim, the verdict made headlines nationwide. Victims'-rights advocates praised the court for holding alcohol vendors accountable for the actions of drunk patrons while defense attorneys criticized its expansive interpretation of...

  • Parmalat Suit To Stay in N.J.

    A state court in Newark, N.J., is an ideal location to decide whether New York-based Citigroup Inc. was complicit in the fraud that caused the 2004 collapse of Italian dairy giant Parmalat. At least that's what Superior Court Judge Jonathan Harris thinks. "After carefully reviewing a hastily cobbled together record...

  • Man Without Larynx Wins Suit

    When Stanford Burris applied for a job as a truck driver with Delaware-based Richards Paving Inc. in 2003, he thought his 40 years of experience made him a perfect candidate. But despite his experience, Richards didn't hire Burris. He alleges the company rejected him not because he was unqualified, but...

  • Employers Triumph in Bonus Proration Case

    Companies may prorate "production bonuses" for time taken as FMLA leave.

  • Court Tosses Tort Reform Measure

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court quashed the 2002 Pennsylvania Fair Share Act.

  • Court Rejects Privilege in Parent-Subsidiary Dispute

    Joint representation voids BCE's privilege claim.

  • Ordinary Lawyers Win Victory

    The New Jersey Committee on Attorney Advertising ruled that the attorney ranking system violates the state's rules of professional conduct.

  • Angry Tourists Sue Cruise Line

    A suit was filed on behalf of the tourists against Royal Caribbean, alleging that the cruise itinerary was changed without providing passengers with comparable itinerary and failing to issue refunds.

  • Internet Archive Raises Copyright Concerns

    Healthcare Advocates Inc. alleged that employees of a rival company called Health Advocate Inc. fraudulently entered into discussions of a merger or joint-marketing agreement with HAS to gain a competitive advantage by stealing its trade secrets.

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