Cybersecurity & Privacy

  • Finland enacts new privacy laws

    The goals of the changes, according the body governing electronic communications, were: improving consumer protection, boosting information security and creating more equal telecoms markets.

  • The 5 most impactful cyber-events of 2014

    If nothing else, 2014 proved that no organization is above compromise from cybercriminals. The retail world, Hollywood and even the US government were all stung by some form of cybercrime this year, and research indicates that events like this are likely to happen more and more frequently in 2015.

  • How to protect yourself from wire transfer fraud

    Kroll’s senior managing director shares Kroll’s experience working with wire fraud cases, pitfalls and what businesses can do to help protect themselves

  • Sony warns general counsel at media companies do not publish leaked information or else

    David Boies is not only warning the publications not to publish the leaked information and to destroy any copies. He is also threatening legal action if a news organization publishes the content.

  • New focus for the New Year

    While making generalizations can be risky business, on the whole, lawyers, especially those in-house, are some of the most time-strapped people I know. Yet even for them, the holiday season and the celebration of a pending New Year leave some time for much needed revelry and relaxation. Perhaps, most importantly,...

  • Cybersecurity and compliance: Who is accountable?

    Make no mistake, the compliance challenges arising from data breaches and other cyber incidents are not limited to industries that, like retail and financial, garner the most conspicuous publicity for events that so directly affect the public.

  • The Privacy Puzzle

    FTC Commissioner Julie Brill recently spoke with InsideCounsel about the FTC's stance on data security, privacy and how today's increasingly connected world puts both businesses and consumers at risk.

  • Rising to the occasion

    The increasing risk to reputation and financial status is now bringing others to the table when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy, and legal can have a considerable impact on protecting a corporation against cyber-compromise.

  • Roundup: Risk & Compliance

    Here’s this month’s roundup of the latest stories in risk and compliance

  • Sony pulls release plans for ‘The Interview’

    Sony’s decision to stop the release of the film marks the first time that a cyberattack has threatened the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens

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