Cybersecurity & Privacy

  • Preventing and mitigating the next attack: Proactive brand and reputation protection

    Just waiting for the next attack to occur—and then reacting—is not the way to protect your company’s online brand and reputation efficiently or successfully. Instead, a company should take concrete and proactive steps that will help prevent damaging online attacks and mitigate the potential harm when one occurs.

  • Experian breach highlights need for collaboration among government agencies

    Data from 15 million consumer accounts from T-Mobile were compromised

  • The cloud is safe—if you’re taking the right precautions

    SaaS (software-as-a-service) file sync-and-share solutions present a double-edged sword for businesses, providing both productivity gains and major risks. Often the people who understand this conflict best are in-house counsel. On one hand, your job entails a constant struggle against the risk of corporate data leaving the office on unsecured mobile...

  • IP security checkpoint: Can inside counsel trust IP management providers to protect their data?

    Inside counsel in particular must ensure that all third-party vendors hosting sensitive intellectual property (IP) data are continuing to address new risks as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

  • Time to sharpen your tech chops

    As an amateur student of human behavior (some would say “busybody”), I’ve always been fascinated by how new occupations come into being, and how existing jobs change. For example, a few years ago, during a few cross-country and intercontinental flights, I was always sitting next to someone who was studying...

  • Working out

    Law departments are tasked with cutting costs wherever and whenever possible. They leverage software and analytics, operations professionals and more to achieve savings. But the fact of the matter is, in-house lawyers are often stretched thin with the amount of work—both legal and otherwise—that comes across their desks. So, what...

  • Cyber suits

    Businesses need to be prepared—as best as possible—for the escalating number of cyber breaches and the threat of resulting litigation.

  • Securing your assets

    The highest profile hacks, the ones that get the most digital ink, are the ones that affect millions of people. When personally identifiable information (PII) is stolen from a major healthcare company or retail provider (think Target), millions of ordinary citizens find themselves in financial jeopardy, and the media and...

  • Regulatory priority

    In many ways, 2014 was the Year of the Data Breach. That year saw cyber-events at the Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase and Sony Entertainment, and the trend followed into 2015, with healthcare providers and government agencies showing that they, too, are vulnerable to attack. All of the incumbent attention that...

  • Employee attitudes fuel your data security plan

    Your company's employees can support or undermine the foundation of your data security plan. They are the most likely to be targeted and the easiest to leverage into a valuable asset. We all are overwhelmed by security threats and proactively taking action can be daunting. At home, your employees might...

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