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  • Acquired Contracts Create Urgent Needs

    Mergers and acquisitions create challenging, often overwhelming circumstances for contract managers. With the transaction comes hundreds or even thousands of client and vendor contracts, full of unknown dates and data. Download this complimentary white paper to understand how you can get your arms around these new contracts.

  • State of Contract Management: Merrill Datasite 2014 Annual Report

    In our 2nd Annual Report, we walk through the challenges contract managers face when looking for a new contract management solution. Based on multiple in-depth interviews with contract managers and their managers, this report identifies the main categories contract managers need to address when looking for a new solution.

  • Implementing a system is easier than you think

    This white paper walks you through how to move from a reactive to proactive contract management process. In addition, you will learn more about how simple it really can be to implement a new contract management solution.

  • Building your business case for the right contract management solution

    This interactive white paper provides the tools you need to help convince those around you that the right contract management solution is needed

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