SOCIAL MEDIA LAW & POLICY REPORT PRESENTS: Workplace Issues and Their Impact on Employers and Employees


Despite the recent laws passed in several states, employers must still proceed with caution when it comes to monitoring or gaining access to employees’ social media accounts.

Presented by Bloomberg BNA's Social Media Law & Policy Report, Workplace Issues and Their Impact on Employers and Employees, details how states, including California, Colorado and Illinois, have recently enacted legislation that restrict employers from asking prospective and current employees for access to their social media accounts. Dozens more states are considering similar legislation.

Download the report now and get guidance from expert practitioners as they answer questions regarding the interpretation and application of these laws including:

• How should employers address the lack of uniformity

across state social media laws?

• What should employers do if they obtain access to

an employee's personal social media account by means other than a request to the employee?

• What action is sufficient to trigger an investigation?

• What use can be made of information discovered by

an employer during an investigation?

Download the report now and get a better understanding of the potential trade-offs between employee privacy and employer liabilities with the enactment of these laws, and the restrictions the laws impose on internal workplace investigations which may involve serious matters such as workplace safety, medical privacy, intellectual property theft, and network security.


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