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  • Download Now: Daily Labor Report's 2014 Labor Outlook

    Crafted by the expert editorial team at Bloomberg BNA's Daily Labor Report, the "2014 Labor Outlook" gives you a clear understanding of what to expect in the fast-paced field of law in the year ahead.

  • Are you Prepared for a DOL Investigation?

    In this white paper, “Are You Prepared for a DOL Investigation? Understanding the EBSA Investigation Process”, you’ll discover why EBSA investigates. Plus, information on the investigative process; the interview process; and more. Download now.

  • Complimentary Report: Workplace Issues and Their Impact on Employers and Employees

    Get a better understanding of the potential trade-offs between employee privacy and employer liabilities from expert practitioners as they answer questions regarding the interpretation and application of these laws.

  • Complimentary "First-to-File" Intellectual Property White Paper

    Implementation of the new first-inventor-to-file regime changes the playing field for patent applicants and their counsel. Learn how practitioners will need to rapidly adjust to the demands of the system. Download this exclusive Bloomberg BNA white paper now.

  • Complimentary Whitepaper: 2013 Economic Outlook

    Find out what economists anticipate for 2013 and how higher payroll taxes and federal spending constraints will affect the US economy. Download a copy of Bloomberg BNA’s "2013 Economic Outlook" whitepaper now.

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