Why eDiscovery Should be a Top Priority for Your Organization

eDiscovery is a strategically important issue for legal teams and organizations as a whole, not just because of the specter of costly sanctions or damage to a company’s reputation.

eDiscovery today looks very different, because the scope of electronically stored information that is potentially subject to eDiscovery has grown past email to encompass social media, enterprise social, instant messages, voice recordings, and other types of business records.

With the cost of eDiscovery continuing to rise, organizations need to implement the right strategies to deal with the data, archive, search and review capabilities.

In this whitepaper, Osterman Research presents its key findings in the field of eDiscovery today:

Emerging trends in eDiscovery

Assessing an organization’s readiness to deliver

Important international case law that is shaping the future of eDiscovery

Tips to proactively address eDiscovery obligations

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