Cross-Matter ManagementTM:
A new approach to reducing eDiscovery costs and risks

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Managing eDiscovery can be very expensive, time-consuming and risky for legal teams, particularly for parties subject to serial litigation in which legal matters overlap in terms of key custodians, date ranges or privileged information.

Why re-collect, re-process or re-review the same documents from one matter to the next? Cross-Matter ManagementTM is a new approach that brings technology into closer alignment with eDiscovery processes to reduce costs, shorten timelines and decrease exposure to risk.

Topics discussed in this important paper include:

  • How legal teams faced with serial litigation can leverage technology to eliminate duplicative collection and processing and reuse attorney work product
  • How Cross-Matter Management enables organizations to reduce risk by eliminating data integrity issues and retaining clear and readily accessible production history and audit trails
  • An example of how a high-tech company under internal investigation accrued savings as each new related matter arose

This paper is an ideal document for both legal departments and law firms.

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