Department Operations

  • Working out

    Law departments are tasked with cutting costs wherever and whenever possible. They leverage software and analytics, operations professionals and more to achieve savings. But the fact of the matter is, in-house lawyers are often stretched thin with the amount of work—both legal and otherwise—that comes across their desks. So, what...

  • More than great lawyers

    While legal insight can be the product of a solitary genius, the delivery of modern legal services demands a mix of people, processes and technology. Our previous columns calling for structured dialogue between law departments and law firms are informed by our view that the marketplace should pay more attention...

  • The perils of mixing personal and professional email

    Businesses need clear-cut policies about separating private and company-related digital communications

  • Optimize searching to find every 'smoking gun'

    Search engines like dtSearch sift through terabytes of random data: Microsoft “Office” formats; non-Microsoft “Office” formats; PDFs and PDF portfolios; compression formats; web data; other databases; email in multiple formats; and even multilayer nested email attachments.

  • IP lockdown

    The era of Big Data is, for better or for worse, upon us. And in this Brave New World that has such data in it, companies inevitably have massive amounts of information that must be kept both private and secure. Trade secrets such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and even...

  • The budgeting piece of the business of law

    When it comes to setting budgets for legal projects, there are still many firms providing excuses for why they cannot put together a solid budget. Some firms have worked diligently on building the necessary resources to help partners and clients become more effective at creating predictable budgets. Scrutiny of legal...

  • On law department responsibility (Part 2)

    Our last column called for structured dialogue between law departments and law firms. We recommended an ongoing conversation about identifiable improvements in how legal services are delivered. With people and pricing in place, process will drive continuous improvement. Collaboration can deepen relationships between law departments and law firms. Better legal...

  • Congo’s online platform is changing the way we connect with lawyers

    Emerging business Congo is creating the first online free market solution for the legal industry. By fusing accessibility with a user-friendly interface and Colorado’s top defense and business attorneys, Congo is taking making the legal process easier and safer. In fact, the company is preparing to launch its new platform...

  • Document automation helps you sleep better at night

    The first article of this three-part series offered an overview of the basics of document automation. This article offers a more in-depth discussion about how document automation can improve compliance and help you sleep better at night.

  • The great Big Data debate

    Veteran GC Bobby Katz, who has served in house at Federal-Mogul, Delphi, and most recently at Ingersoll Rand believes that to be a great in-house attorney, “you must be able to effectively mitigate risk. And to effectively mitigate risk, you need to be data-driven.”

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