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  • Strong Defense

    Ex-Dallas Cowboy calls CareerBuilder's legal plays.

  • Companies Can Fire Medical Marijuana Users

    An employee fired for his medicinal use of marijuana can't sue his employer for unlawful discrimination under California law, the California Supreme Court ruled Jan. 24.

  • Company Conscience

    Being an effective in-house lawyer requires taking proactive steps.

  • Rank Them

    We devised a law firm ranking that can't be gamed and is actually useful.

  • InsideCounsel Roundtable: Bringing E-Discovery In-House

    Over the last several years, e-discovery has become the stuff of nightmares for in-house counsel who find themselves embroiled in litigation. The amount of electronic data the average businessperson produces has grown exponentially, the costs to conduct e-discovery have soared and the revised Federal Rules for Civil Procedure have increased...

  • Stress Points

    A year-end review of the top issues keeping CLOs awake at night.

  • The Year in Review: #8. Red Alert

    When it comes to U.S. consumers there are three things companies should never mess with--their pets, stomachs and kids. Thanks to poor oversight in factories ...

  • Real Tough

    Robert Kimball's competitive drive pays off big for RealNetworks.

  • 2.0

    A lot of magazine Web sites aren't that good. Here's the problem: Magazines invest a lot of money to create compelling content for their publications.

  • Driving Ahead

    Callaway Golf's general counsel takes the competition into the courtroom.

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