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  • Court Weighs Whether a Corporation can Commit Securities Fraud

    Can a company be sued for federal securities fraud when the corporate executives who made false statements to the public did not have fraudulent intent? ...

  • A Crazy Idea

    To effectively serve clients, in-house lawyers must cultivate their competitive advantages.

  • Payday Bonus

    To read the full story on in-house compensation from InsideCounsel's March issue, click here.Average total cash compensation for CLOs/GCs in the following core based statistical ...

  • Genesco Speaks

    Genesco Inc.'s GC discusses his company's troubled deal with Foot Locker, the economy and the company's New York trial.

  • Social Nightmare

    To read about how Web 2.0 sites are influencing in-house counsel, click here.E-mail, instant messaging and even voicemail have become likely targets for e-discovery requests. ...

  • Language Barriers

    English-only rules in the workplace come under scrutiny.

  • Court Backs Employers' Right to Sue Employees

    When Tammy Greer-Burger took her former employer to court for alleged sexual harassment, she probably didn't expect him to counter with a legal punch of ...

  • Team Effort

    When I took over as editor-in-chief of InsideCounsel in 2001, the publication, which was then known as Corporate Legal Times, was a little worse for ...

  • Concocted Cases

    Milberg Weiss prosecutions put the spotlight on trumped up class actions.

  • Coming Home

    Returning troops still face USERRA violations.

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