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Silvia Coulter

Silvia Coulter is a principal consultant with LawVision Group LLC. Reach her at scoulter@lawvisiongroup.com.

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  • Closing the value gap

    Value add” is a phrase that every business generator hears these days. Whether a client is procuring legal services or a customer is procuring a new company-wide IT system, value add is part of the procurement process and more so part of the client retention process. What provides value is...

  • Weaving diversity into the legal culture

    The focus on diversity and inclusion and their importance in today's legal industry is not new. In fact, more than 15 years ago I joined a PLI panel with the former MetLife GC, who spoke about the importance of diversity and inclusion. The law department reflected the corporation's goals in...

  • The budgeting piece of the business of law

    When it comes to setting budgets for legal projects, there are still many firms providing excuses for why they cannot put together a solid budget. Some firms have worked diligently on building the necessary resources to help partners and clients become more effective at creating predictable budgets. Scrutiny of legal...

  • The challenges we face: Different sides of the same coin

    At two recent meetings I attended, general counsel discussed the challenges they face and reiterated the key points to building relationships with outside counsel. At one meeting, a panel of consultants spoke to GCs about the difficulties law firms and partners encounter. Both sides agree these relationships require hard work...

  • Understanding as a differentiator

    The nuances of each client company—risk tolerance, corporate and reporting structures, product development and distribution, etc.—are all critical to understanding a client's business.

  • Demystifying the concept of ‘value add’

    Focusing on adding value makes things work a lot smoother, gives your firm a competitive advantage and gives the client a reason to send more opportunities your way.

  • Lateral integration: Success inside and out

    Lateral integration presents challenges for firms that have embraced lateral recruitment. Chief talent officers have strong guidelines for implementation that sometimes omit the client side of the equation.

  • What 24/7 service means to the deal: A case study about effective communication

    Client service can mean many things. Add some real challenges to the mix—far away jurisdictions, different time zones and intense time demands—and service levels can be easily compromised.

  • Strong client-firm relationships build loyalty and yield long-term results

    Building relationships takes effort and time outside of the actual client work. Clients want to know their law firms are listening to them and learning about the goals of the business. Doing so allows a firm to provide additional value, anticipate legal needs and show that they listen.

  • Expectation setting + effective communication = Strong and loyal relationships

    Building strong and loyal relationships relies on effective communication and discussing the expectations both parties have of one another.

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