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Rich Steeves

Rich Steeves

Richard P. Steeves is Senior Editor and Community Manager of InsideCounsel magazine, where he covers the intellectual property and compliance beats. Rich earned a B.A. in English Literature and an M.Ed. from The George Washington University. In addition to working nine years as a teacher of English Language Arts at the secondary level, Rich has worked in both print and online publishing, most recently serving as Managing Editor at TMCnet. He is also a published author, having written two novels and over a dozen short stories collected in various anthologies.

Article List

  • New guide explains legal issues behind biosimilars

    InsideCounsel recently spoke with Goodwin Procter’s Elaine Blais, one of the authors of “Biosimilars: A guide to Regulatory and Intellectual Property Issues” about matters of concern for attorneys in this space.

  • A&E GC joins Cowan DeBaets

    The newest addition to the roster at Cowan DeBaets is no stranger to entertainment law, as Doug Jacobs spent almost 20 years as the GC at both A&E Television Networks and Court TV.

  • Privacy in focus for the FTC

    Brill knows that other federal agencies are getting involved in the issue of privacy, considering sector-specific matters, but, she says, the FTC is concerned with the entirety of the issue, and has been since 2002.

  • Has the patent system been weaponized?

    There are few people in the world more qualified to comment on the current status of the patent space in the United States today. And, in short, he thinks it is broken – but might be getting better.

  • What will 2015 hold for SEC enforcement?

    Merri Jo Gillette spent more than 27 years at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) where she worked in a variety of capacities, including more than a decade serving as the director of the SEC’s Chicago office.

  • Innovative law departments combine leadership, management

    Ciongoli knew that there were opportunities to leverage software solutions to improve billing and coding methods, but he also realized that, in order to implement real change, he needed to go further than that, to leverage leadership and management strategies to optimize spend and manage finances in a leaner way.

  • Language challenges with discovery in Asia

    The ideographic nature of the languages of China, Korea and Japan poses a host of challenges to businesses and law firms doing business in these nations.

  • Patent litigation down, tech companies still targets

    A new study from Unified Patents shows that patent litigation dropped in 2014, although the news is not all good for the tech sector.

  • Vanguard Group to explain corporate governance votes

    Now, Vanguard Group Inc., which manages $3 trillion in assets, has followed suit, and will publish details about its votes on corporate governance.

  • Morgan Stanley fires data thief

    The employee in question, 30 year old Galen Marsh, was able to access hundreds of thousands of accounts, most of which were not ones he managed.

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