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Philippa Maister

Philippa Maister is a freelance journalist who specializes in legal and compliance issues, global foreign direct investment and the business of health care.

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  • How the revised e-discovery rules have changed the litigation game

    Companies embroiled in litigation are finding that the process has been dramatically reshaped by amendments to the rules on e-discovery that went into effect in December. Adding to the challenge, these changes are happening at a time when the explosion of social media, the arrival of the cloud and the...

  • GCs: The new help desk

    Technology is changing at the fastest rate in history. As a result, corporate boards are struggling to figure out how to ride the tiger: how to harness the awesome possibilities of technology while limiting the risks and damage it can cause to the company's finances, strategic interests and reputation.

  • Pay back

    The contented purrs of the CEOs that many members of the public and some investors see as overpaid fat cats are turning into angry hisses after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposed rule to force companies to disclose every last cent their executives make, justify their earnings...

  • Open season

    Both agencies have certainly made clear their determination to crack down on individual officers and directors responsible for corporate wrongdoing.

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