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Mike Evers

Mike Evers

Mike Evers recruits attorneys for corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Please visit www.everslegal.com. His firm also offers experienced in-house counsel to companies on an adjunct basis. 



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  • Talent Shopping in a Downturn

    Your inbox may be filling with resumes, but our career advice columnist cautions against mistaking quantity for quality.

  • The Aging Workforce

    After attending the InsideCounsel SuperConference session on an aging workforce, our career advice columnist offers a reality check.

  • At Cbeyond, David beats Goliath

    In his quarterly profile of legal departments, our career expert Mike Evers explains why the lawyers at Cbeyond have so much success, and fun.

  • Be Brave, Recruit Talent Today

    Let me scream it from the mountain top: Today presents the best hiring opportunity I have ever seen.

  • Don't follow your heart

    When attorneys find themselves wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else, they should consider what our career expert Mike Evers has to say about "dream jobs" in the legal profession.

  • Go Around Human Resources

    If you are an outsider seeking to join an organization you must overcome the mother of all corporate red tape buffers--the human resources department.

  • Playing the Corporate Game

    This is the first career advice column exclusively available at Insidecounsel.com, and so I want to start out ambitiously.Instead of discussing specific strategies on compensation, ...

  • The Unemployment Stigma

    So, your company has gone bankrupt, been acquired or relocated to the moon ...

  • Escaping Time Sheets

    According to InsideCounsel's February article "Cost Cutters," 20 percent of legal departments keep time records and charge attorney costs back to specific business units. When recruiting for our corporate clients, one of the first points of discussion is time sheets. Everyone understands that in-house life is far from 9 to...

  • Love At First Sight

    The recruitment process may contain a certain amount of nervous energy and infatuation.

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