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Mike Evers

Mike Evers

Mike Evers recruits attorneys for corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Please visit www.everslegal.com. His firm also offers experienced in-house counsel to companies on an adjunct basis. 



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  • Move on

    This is the second of a three part series designed to offer practical tips for inside counsel who feel unhappy or vulnerable in their current positions. Last month, I presented a few temporary stop gap ideas designed to pick up your personal morale if necessary within your current position. Even...

  • Viagra for your Career

    If the rut is short-term and originates from a sense of exhaustion or frustration with a particular project, I offer three suggestions:

  • Small markets offer big career options

    If you expand your options to include smaller markets, you will indeed find many outstanding career opportunities.

  • Culture fit as a diversity blocker

    I was struck by a recent lunch conversation with a general counsel that took me back to a much earlier time in my career. Hint: I don’t golf.

  • Cybersecurity expertise equals marketability

    Since attorneys with a true mix of legal and IT expertise are in short supply, a real opportunity exists for inside counsel who are willing to do more than just a little homework.

  • Executive coaching: A skeptic is giving it a try

    Using a confidential advisor with whom you can discuss delicate decisions and C-suite politics helps. And after speaking with a few GCs, Mike Evers decides to see what the buzz in executive coaching is about.

  • How ‘Next Step’ GC candidates can put their best foot forward

    “Next Step” candidates are senior level attorneys currently reporting to a General Counsel, but who aspire to the GC role. Here are bullet point tips for overcoming challenges and generally positioning for outside opportunities.

  • Never let ‘em see you sweat

    When you lose your cool with one of your internal clients, with a colleague, with someone in the mailroom, or even an outside service provider, the damage to your reputation is probably worse than you realize.

  • Succeeding in an anti-lawyer corporate culture

    Your founder or CEO or CFO will probably never change their views of LawWorld. But they can definitely begin to see you differently.

  • I’m completely bullish on 2015

    This is more than just happy talk from a giddy recruiter who hopes to make a lot of placements in 2015. It is a realistic view.

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