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Mike Evers

Mike Evers

Mike Evers recruits attorneys for corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Please visit www.everslegal.com. His firm also offers experienced in-house counsel to companies on an adjunct basis. 



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  • 5 relocation tips for employers

    Many of our firm’s search assignments involve geographic relocation, often to small markets with only one or two major corporate employers.

  • Win the turf battle with HR

    You know the drill. Your department wants to hire a new counsel to senior counsel-level attorney. You don’t want someone too junior who will need training and struggle to operate independently. But you are not offering a management level role with a high salary, so many good candidates will be...

  • You're hired! And the winner is…

    Superficial impressions are important when hiring. But go beyond your gut and try to get a deeper sense of the person before you hire. Remember, it's a close, long-term relationship.

  • Four tips for retaining good talent

    What do inside counsel enjoy most about their jobs? According to our Career Satisfaction Survey, your #1 answer is “intellectual stimulation.”

  • A fun tip for raising your profile

    Last month, I wrote about gaining access to executive level relationships. Staying with our theme of climbing the law department ladder, I offer a specific tip as this month’s column. It will generate positive recognition within your company via attending an event that also gives you exposure externally.

  • Career Matters: Climb the ladder in 2016

    The early responses to our survey are clear on one point. The vast majority of you want to climb the proverbial corporate ladder.

  • Money Isn’t Everything With In-House Careers

    What specifically makes a career as inside counsel rewarding and satisfying? We want to know—we'd like you to answer our career writer's poll.

  • Move out

    Leaving the law altogether is by far the most difficult and last of this three part series offering tips for inside counsel who happen to be unhappy.

  • Getting your mojo back—or moving on

    Hopefully, this column is not necessary for you at this time. But we all hit walls on occasion, and if you know someone who is unhappy in his or her career, I encourage you to share this advice.

  • Move on

    This is the second of a three part series designed to offer practical tips for inside counsel who feel unhappy or vulnerable in their current positions. Last month, I presented a few temporary stop gap ideas designed to pick up your personal morale if necessary within your current position. Even...

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