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Mallun Yen is executive vice president of RPX Corporation. She can be reached at infor@rpxcorp.com.

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  • Toward a more diverse workplace

    And I’ve also learned the importance of diversity. Many years of legal practice and in the business world have convinced me that diversity is a critical component of a robust, open and innovative workplace.

  • Patent risk: Not just a big company problem

    It is rare to find an early-stage growth company with a full-time general counsel or an in-house intellectual property attorney, and even the most seasoned entrepreneurs often have a limited view of how patents and patent risk fit into their operating strategy.

  • Alice: Another (small) step on the way out of Wonderland

    The outcome of Alice underscores that, while the courts may be inching toward greater clarity and definition in patent law, such reform will continue to move incrementally.

  • Patent reform on Capitol Hill

    If there was a takeaway for the investors, it was that change doesn't come easy in Washington. But even though case law evolves slowly and comprehensive legislative changes are rare, the good news is that progress seems inevitable.

  • In-house counsel take on patent reform

    While there is not uniform agreement on all issues, we were able to find consensus in a number of areas, as well as identify ways to further focus efforts on the most important issues in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Will the Alice ruling change the patentability of software?

    Software patents—and questions about whether software should actually be patentable at all—have always been a bone of contention among patent professionals.

  • A welcome helping hand from Washington

    This time the government actually is here to help. As a result, operating companies, and especially small businesses, will be increasingly able to respond effectively to the rising tide of patent monetization.

  • A transparent attempt… to be efficient

    Lack of transparency has always been seen as a negotiating advantage. There are signs, however, that this mindset is changing.

  • A model of (in)efficiency in NPE litigation

    While aggressive legal defense against NPE assertion is at times warranted and indeed necessary, it is far more efficient for those 40 defendants to work together to proactively buy the patent from the owner before litigation occurs.

  • Data makes the difference (Part 2)

    Knowing the actual historical costs associated with settling vs. litigating, negotiating with a particular NPE or valuing a particular kind of patent allows risk managers to make informed, data-based decisions.

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