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Mallun Yen

Mallun Yen is executive vice president of RPX Corporation. She can be reached at infor@rpxcorp.com.

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  • A welcome helping hand from Washington

    This time the government actually is here to help. As a result, operating companies, and especially small businesses, will be increasingly able to respond effectively to the rising tide of patent monetization.

  • A transparent attempt… to be efficient

    Lack of transparency has always been seen as a negotiating advantage. There are signs, however, that this mindset is changing.

  • A model of (in)efficiency in NPE litigation

    While aggressive legal defense against NPE assertion is at times warranted and indeed necessary, it is far more efficient for those 40 defendants to work together to proactively buy the patent from the owner before litigation occurs.

  • Data makes the difference (Part 2)

    Knowing the actual historical costs associated with settling vs. litigating, negotiating with a particular NPE or valuing a particular kind of patent allows risk managers to make informed, data-based decisions.

  • Data makes the difference with non-practicing entities

    Litigation is the default method transfer value between patent users and patent owners, and it is hard to imagine a less efficient form of economic exchange or price discovery.

  • A different perspective on patent risk

    Almost all in-house counsel for technology companies and companies that use technology in their business have grappled with patent risk over the past 10 or so years.

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