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David Meadows

David Meadows

David W. Meadows is managing director for Kroll Ontrack Discovery Consulting. He directs and oversees teams of consultants who advise corporate and law firm clients on issues involving ESI, including litigation readiness, technical implementations and litigation response including identifying, preserving, collecting, analyzing and producing ESI.

Article List

  • E-discovery: “Liking” social media

    Social media’s prevalence in society continues to rise, as Americans currently spend at least one-fifth of their time online using Facebook, Twitter or one of the many other available platforms,

  • E-Discovery: The stormy nature of the cloud

    There is little argument that cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms have created a paradigm shift in enterprise technology and IT as a whole.

  • How to determine if DIY e-discovery is right for you

    Most corporate legal teams and their outside counsel realize the importance of preparing for the inevitable run-in with electronically stored information (ESI) in investigations and litigation.

  • Technology-assisted review: Judges, defensibility and efficiency

    Time is money, and linear document review is almost prohibitively expensive because of the surge in electronic data volumes.

  • Time for a change?

    Six years after the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were first amended to address electronic discovery, another round of amendments is now under consideration. Questions regarding contentious, complex and multifaceted issues such as the duty to preserve, Rule 37 sanctions and technology’s role are among the primary challenges up...

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