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David Canfield

David Canfield

David E. Canfield is a managing consultant in Kroll Ontrack’s electronically stored information consulting group.

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  • Implementing a secure litigation hold system to avoid preservation pitfalls

    As the corporate world becomes increasingly paperless, the preservation of electronically stored information (ESI) remains a necessity for organizations involved in litigation. Given that data spoliation sanctions can be immense, the automatic or unintentional deletion of ESI associated with information technology data management is one of the most significant risks...

  • Technology-assisted document review: Better than the alternatives

    On Feb. 8, Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck conducted a status conference regarding the discovery protocol in Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Groupe, including a detailed discussion on the appropriate use of technology-assisted review. During the conference, Peck opined, “It certainly works better than most of the alternatives, if not all...

  • An overview of state e-discovery rules

    When discovery first met the “e-“ that precedes it today, it fell upon trial judges nationwide to figure out how to harmonize primordial sources of electronically stored information (ESI) with traditional discovery rubrics—essentially, how to fit a round peg into a square hole.

  • Early Data Assessment: Setting the standard in e-discovery readiness

    Think tanks, judicial members and practicing attorneys have all acknowledged the integral role early data assessment (EDA) plays in preparation for document production in civil litigation. EDA is an essential discovery readiness tool for any entity that seeks to reduce labor costs tied to document review, heighten search protocol defensibility...

  • The top 5 e-discovery trends for 2012

    When it comes to e-discovery best practices, if your organization is standing still, you are losing ground.

  • E-Discovery evolved: A 2011 year in review

    Legal departments are tackling more multi-faceted technology issues than ever before.

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