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Chris DiMarco

Chris DiMarco

Chris DiMarco, Managing Editor of InsideCounsel magazine, has a background in multimedia production with previous involvement in projects in which he developed and created content for print, online and video campaigns. At InsideCounsel, Chris covers the litigation, labor and employment and technology sectors. Most recently, Chris served as a communications specialist at one of the largest financial firms in the U.S. He earned a B.S. in English from SUNY Albany and an M.S. in Interactive Journalism from Quinnipiac University.

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  • Cleveland court rejects massive class action targeting front-loading washing machines

    On Oct. 30, a Cleveland federal jury rejected the first of the class actions claims, saying that the complaints were too dissimilar to warrant a collective suit. The suits targeted a defect in Whirlpool washing machines that allowed for the growth of “biofilm” on the inside of washers that were...

  • NLRB Revives D.R. Horton Ruling against Murphy’s Oil gas stations

    According to the case, up until March of 2012, Murphy’s Oil required prospective employees to sacrifice their right to class action as a condition to their employment. The NLRB determined that this clause of work was in fact a violation of the NLRA and ordered the company to cease the...

  • FTC sues AT&T for misleading customers of ‘unlimited’ plans

    The FTC alleges that AT&T changed the contract terms of its unlimited data plans without notifying its customers, which gave the company the ability to reduce the speed of those connections at will

  • Eli Lilly and Takeda shed billions in punitive damage payments

    In her decision, Doherty stated that the $9 billion –one of the largest punitive damage claims of all time—was “excessive” and had denied the companies due process. Doherty granted a motion from the drug makers to reduce the damage payments earlier this year, but rejected their request for a new...

  • FCC imposes first cybersecurity fine

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has become the latest to join the ranks of regulators imposing fines for data negligence on companies, announcing on Oct 24 that it will impose its first fine related to data security on phone providers TerraCom Inc and YourTel America Inc. The FCC is asking...

  • Allstate’s Steve Ihm addresses e-discovery strategy and proposed FRCP changes

    Recently, InsideCounsel had an opportunity to speak with Steve Ihm, vice president and assistant general counsel at Allstate, about the approaches he takes to e-discovery and how he sees changes to the FRCP effecting corporate litigation.

  • Aereo’s request for reclassification denied

    Aereo, you may remember, is the tech company that offered devices capable of catching broadcast signals without a cable subscription at the center of a prominent Supreme Court case in June.

  • EA securities suit thrown out of court

    In the case of Electronic Arts’ botched launch of the game “Battlefield 4,” U.S. District Judge Susan Illston of San Francisco has ruled that a pending investor’s suit hinged on the latter. As a result, the case was dismissed on Oct 22.

  • Labor & Employment Digest: November 2014

    The practice area of labor and employment presents a number of unique challenges for lawyers. Both inside and outside attorneys need to remain abreast of developments in workplace law if they’re to successfully handle issues.

  • Cloudy outlook

    Fortunately, in most forms of compliance, a concrete set of rules and regulations enforced by a government or state agency helps to shape corporate policies. Unfortunately, that rule of thumb goes out the window when approaching cloud compliance.

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