Article List

  • Meaning in Metadata

    Ensuring your documents don't reveal more than you intend.

  • Ghosts and Forensic Images

    Out technology expert explains the difference between a hard drive forensic "image" and a hard drive "ghost."

  • Dispelling Doubts about De-Duplication

    The practical implications of de-duplication can have a significant impact on your litigation costs.

  • Designing a Digital Deal Room

    Brett Burney defines virtual deal rooms. Read about how and why you should use them and discover how you can go about setting up one for your company.

  • E-mail Emergencies

    The fastest growing form of communication might also be the most dangerous for companies. Legal technology expert Brett Burney gives his take on e-mail risks and how you can avoid them.

  • The Easy Button

    This month legal technology expert Brett Burney discusses solutions that help in-house counsel retrieve and analyze e-mail.

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