InsideCounsel Magazine March 2015


  • Fringe benefits

    The volume and various storage locations of information mean there is often no better way to cut litigation costs than to invest in an e-discovery software offering, and the market has surged to meet that need.

  • Social stumbling blocks

    While not all social media plans are the same and must be adjusted by region, realizing a few key ways that social media discovery abroad differs from domestic forms can help contain discovery woes.

  • Paper trail blazers

    IP cases are notoriously heavy on documents and information collected for litigation, and any one of those documents could potentially contain details invaluable to an organization's proprietary processes or operational secrets.

  • Scalpels and hatchets

    Many politicians, including the President, threw their weight behind the Volcker Rule even though, as Taylor points out, it was more like a hatchet than a scalpel and is now poised to present a number of unintended consequences.

From The Editor

  • The next chapter

    Sometimes change is thrust upon us and it's for the better, representing an unfolding of reality. I never thought I would be saying goodbye so soon, but change often happens quickly.





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