InsideCounsel Magazine July 2014


  • Fixing ‘broken windows’

    Many company boards are anxious in the current regulatory environment with stepped-up efforts by the federal government and the risk of lawsuits looming on many fronts.

  • Global M&A 101

    Over the past 18 months, merger and acquisition transactions have returned full-force, particularly for U.S. businesses. However, it's not just U.S. businesses that are acquisition targets, as cross-border M&A has risen to staggering heights recently.

  • Digital revolution in copyright law

    If you were the Walt Disney Co., and you saw thousands upon thousands of fan-created videos that featured your intellectual property cropping up on YouTube, would you crack down on those violations or would you “Let It Go?”

  • Inside and out: defending against cyber attacks

    With money, regulatory action and reputation all on the line, cybersecurity is an ongoing issue for companies of all sizes, and the legal department undoubtedly needs to be involved at multiple steps along the way.

From The Editor

Inside Perspective



  • Labor & Employment Digest: July 2014

    In a practice area with as much individuality as labor and employment law, the voices of law firms inject the kind of color, insight and expertise that provide inside counsel and other legal professionals with a cornerstone of true understanding.


  • Patent reform on Capitol Hill

    If there was a takeaway for the investors, it was that change doesn't come easy in Washington. But even though case law evolves slowly and comprehensive legislative changes are rare, the good news is that progress seems inevitable.


  • Need benchmarking? Take the 2014 LDO survey

    Now in its seventh year, it is the only survey dedicated to benchmarking the operations of legal departments in areas including staffing, technology, e-discovery, cost management, metrics/reporting, and relationships with outside counsel.

Tour of Duty

  • Tour of Duty: Dow Corning GC N. Cornell Boggs, III

    Now the senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of silicon-based manufacturing company Dow Corning, Boggs has developed a wealth of experience running an in-house legal department and helping develop successful in-house counsel.

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