InsideCounsel Magazine February 2014


From The Editor

  • Proximate conflicts?

    As many public companies ready themselves for their annual shareholders’ meetings for the upcoming proxy season, boards of directors are evaluating weighty governance issues of relevance to their respective firms.

Inside Perspective


  • Ethics vs. compliance: Do we really need to talk about both?

    The terms “ethics” and “compliance” are often used synonymously; as a result, drawing a distinction between the two concepts may seem unimportant. In fact, the difference between the two can be very important for your training, communications and overall culture.

  • Protecting the consumer from harm

    For businesses to thrive and succeed, they must compete on a level playing field. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous businesses that seek to profit by skirting laws and operating unethically.



  • Labor and Employment Digest: February 2014

    In a practice area with as much individuality as labor and employment law, the voices of law firms inject the kind of color, insight and expertise that provide inside counsel and other legal professionals with a cornerstone of true understanding.


  • A model of (in)efficiency in NPE litigation

    While aggressive legal defense against NPE assertion is at times warranted and indeed necessary, it is far more efficient for those 40 defendants to work together to proactively buy the patent from the owner before litigation occurs.


Tour of Duty

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