InsideCounsel Magazine December 2014


  • 2015 Supreme Court preview

    If the general evolution of law is the steady churning furnace of change that stems from circuit and appeal court decisions, then those cataclysmic events are invariably tied to the Supreme Court.

  • Destination: Europe

    If your business unit wants to expand operations into the European Union, it falls on the shoulders of the legal department to develop a strategy to protect your valuable intellectual property, and to do so within a certain budget.

  • Locking the back door

    If companies truly want to keep their data safe in today's world, legal departments need to realize that cybersecurity risk isn't a simple product of defending the company's own borders.

From The Editor

Inside Perspective



  • Is Alice a game changer?

    Before we start eulogizing software patents as a class, we should look closely at what the courts have been doing in these first interpretations of the Alice language.


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