InsideCounsel Magazine January 2016


  • GCs: The new help desk

    Technology is changing at the fastest rate in history. As a result, corporate boards are struggling to figure out how to ride the tiger: how to harness the awesome possibilities of technology while limiting the risks and damage it can cause to the company's finances, strategic interests and reputation.

  • Don't let the big goal be the enemy

    When it comes to innovation in a legal department, no one area may need innovative practices more than the management of expenses and setting of budgets.

  • Sorry folks, privacy-related litigation is here to stay

    Lawsuits following data breaches—and other cyber events—are likely to continue in 2016 and beyond.

  • Lawmakers Consider Taxing IP at a Lower Rate

    Politicians and the public were outraged when New York-based Pfizer announced its plan to merge with Dublin-based Allergan and move its headquarters to Ireland. Pfizer was accused of being “unpatriotic” and the move was called a “disgrace” and a “travesty.” But Pfizer said the move made sense. It would enable...

From The Editor

  • Keeping to ourselves

    Welcome, readers, to 2016. We hope you had a nice holiday season. Do you feel rested? Good. You’re going to need all that stored-up energy you can muster for the upcoming year.


  • Inside/Outside Counsel: Relationships mean everything

    The end of the year is an especially good time of the year for inside and outside counsel to connect to obtain and provide useful feedback about the relationship and about the upcoming year's goals for the client business. Despite busy year-end calendars, clients appreciate the opportunity to have a...

  • The 80 Percent Solution

    Being perfectionists generally serves lawyers well. With a low margin for error, most legal work benefits from a perfectionist bent. Perfection, however, has a dark side, especially where the world operates on a continuum (better to worse) rather than a binary divide (right/wrong). Voltaire warned that “the perfect is the...


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