InsideCounsel Magazine October 2014


  • Ethical understanding

    Given its role in helping employees prevent, find and fix ethical and regulatory problems, relevant training should be a high priority for all businesses.

  • The long arm of the law

    But still, no court has definitively answered the bigger question: Just how far do U.S. extraterritorial laws reach?

  • Breaking the barriers

    While many science fiction movies of decades past have portrayed the far-flung future of the 21st century as culturally advanced, now that we have reached the year 2014, we have not quite lived up to those egalitarian predictions.

  • Analysis paralysis

    Given how much of the information produced in our world exists as electronic data, it's not surprising the speed with which e-discovery tools have become a staple of legal operation.

From The Editor

  • Leadership through diversity

    As Ambassador Verveer so aptly summarizes, “The bottom line is that today there is a growing focus on the benefits of diversity. I think women legal professionals who are aspiring to corporate counsel positions can ride this wave.”

Inside Perspective



  • Labor & Employment Digest: October 2014

    This month we hear from attorneys on the NLRB's 2012 arbitration agreement ruling in action, as well as what growing protection for transgender workers and whistleblowers means for your organization's policies


  • For NPEs, is it RIP, ITC?

    It wasn't all that long ago that many of us in the corporate IP suite were starting to view the U.S. International Trade Commission with growing trepidation.


Tour of Duty

  • Tour of Duty: Ann D. Davidson, Exilis

    As a global aerospace, defense, information and services company, Exelis Inc. is among the last lines of defense for the country, but in that company's boardroom, a strong general counsel is the last line of defense against unnecessary legal risk.

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