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  • Alphabet nation

    In large corporations, like those in the Fortune 500, the legal and compliance departments have to learn to deal with these regulators in order to ensure that everything is in order and day-to-day business can continue on unimpeded.

  • Uncharted territory

    Many state attorneys general are beginning to expand their views into completely new territories. Some of these areas reflect inquiries made by federal agencies, while others represent a direct response to local concerns.

  • The future of software patents

    Some recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have provided key distinctions on patent law, yet many attorneys would like to see much clearer tests and definitions.

  • Reasonable expectations

    Perhaps the most befuddling challenges that face these organizations are the complications that arise when they must conduct legal processes in multiple areas with disparate privacy laws.

From The Editor

  • Ready, willing and able

    These topics, in addition to our report on up-and-coming female GCs, prove that the status quo is built on invariably shifting sands, and that no space is unaffected by time's relentless march forward.

Inside Perspective



  • Labor & Employment Digest: August 2014

    In a practice area with as much individuality as labor and employment law, the voices of law firms inject the kind of color, insight and expertise that provide inside counsel and other legal professionals with a cornerstone of true understanding.



  • Calculating ROI to drive change

    Consider a compliance system that identifies potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations. Its value may be hard to quantify without a statistician and a lot of assumptions, but it is substantial and should be considered in some fashion.

  • Dashboards: The next big thing

    Apart from providing unheard of insight to legal departments, dashboards provide a means of leveraging your existing operational investments for greater returns.

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