InsideCounsel Magazine April 2015


  • Open season

    Both agencies have certainly made clear their determination to crack down on individual officers and directors responsible for corporate wrongdoing.

  • Running the cyber race

    Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly innovative, and the law is trying to respond effectively to these fast-moving changes.

  • Equal Litigation Opportunity Commission

    The agency has been increasingly focused on systemic cases—attempting to tackle the root of a problem rather than one of its individual branches.

  • Forgotten secrets

    All you have to do is ask Coca-Cola how the company's strategy of protecting its secret formula has gone, and you’ll see the potential value of a trade secret is almost limitless.

From The Editor

  • As you were

    InsideCounsel readers have come to depend on what we in the business call “service pieces,” the expert and subject-oriented news-you-can-use articles that are this magazine's bread and butter.





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