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  • Legal Longevity

    Kelly McNamara Corley's dedication to an in-house career has carried her to the top legal spot at Discover Financial Services.







From The Editor

  • Making Adjustments

    Defining myself as a "writer" is something I've done since I was young. From the day I read my first finished poem--a 10-line masterpiece, in ...

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Online Exclusive

  • Former McAfee GC Acquitted on Backdating Charges

    After a two-and-a-half week trial, former McAfee general counsel Kent Roberts was acquitted Friday of criminal charges stemming from backdated stock options.

  • Wage and Hour Issues

    Read more about wage and hour lawsuits in the 9th Circuit here.A recent survey of 2,000 legal, ethics and HR professionals by California-based ELT (Employment ...

  • The Arbitration Debate

    To read more about the debate and the Arbitration Fairness Act, click here. To highlight the difficulty of untangling sets of numbers, Mark Twain ...

  • Insider Outlook

    Read the feature story on what the 2008 election means to the in-house bar here. Two of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal's Washington, D.C. ...

Corporate Crime

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