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    Reviewers use tags to categorize electronic information and manage e-discovery.



  • Gold Bars

    European Commission moves to eradicate golden shares and break down trade barriers.

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  • Arsonist Must Pay McDonald's Owner

    Jason Troff was convicted in 1997 of setting fire to a McDonald's in Salt Lake City. The court sentenced him to probation and $239,696 in restitution. As a term of his probation, he began paying installments of $100 a month to the state, which disbursed that money to the owner...

  • Court Tightens Reins on FMLA Policies

    When Alice Repa underwent surgery for a non-work related injury, she asked for a leave of absence to recuperate. Her employer--trucking company Roadway Express--approved her request. But in accord with its FMLA policies, the company required Repa to use her accrued sick days and paid-vacation time as part of the...

  • Costco Challenges Washington's Alcohol Regulations

    Costco Wholesale Corp. thinks Washington state is drunk with power. In a case before the 9th Circuit, the retailer claims the state's alcohol regulations are overly restrictive and anti-competitive. The feud began in 2003 when John Sullivan, Costco's deputy general counsel for litigation, started researching why the company was paying...

  • Morality Provides 'Rational Basis' for Sex Toy Ban

    Jane Roe, a 38-old single woman who finds sexual intercourse extremely painful, rediscovered the joy of sex after buying a vibrator at an adult "toy party." So did a 61-year-old man with erectile dysfunction, who uses sex aids to satisfy his wife. Ditto for the middle-aged couple that claims an...

  • Reebok Sues Rival Over Shoe Design

    Canton, Mass.-based Reebok International has a bone to pick with sporting goods rival Nike Inc. On April 3 Reebok filed suit against the Oregon company in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, accusing Nike of infringing its "Collapsible Shoe" patent. According to the filing, several Nike...

  • Ohio AG Files Lead Paint Suit

    Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann filed a lawsuit April 2 against several paint manufacturers and chemical companies, including Sherwin-Williams and DuPont, alleging the companies violated the state's public nuisance law. The AG's suit is similar to claims filed in Wisconsin and Rhode Island that allege companies that manufactured lead paint...

  • Court OKs UP's Benefits Plan

    The 8th Circuit ruled March 15 that an employee health plan that provides prescription drug coverage for Viagra but not for birth control does not violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) or Title VII. Female employees of Union Pacific Railroad launched a class action in a Nebraska district court in...

Career Talk

  • Escaping Time Sheets

    According to InsideCounsel's February article "Cost Cutters," 20 percent of legal departments keep time records and charge attorney costs back to specific business units. When recruiting for our corporate clients, one of the first points of discussion is time sheets. Everyone understands that in-house life is far from 9 to...

Small Talk

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Tech Talk

  • Benefits of an ECM System

    Last month this column focused on how complying with electronic data preservation and discovery requirements is a vital concern facing GCs today and how GCs can use technology planning as a way to prepare for e-discovery. This month, I am taking a step back and reviewing how an enterprise content...

Blog Review

  • That's What She Said

    The TV show "The Office" depicts the wacky interworkings of a Pennsylvania paper company and its completely inept boss. Sure, the show is a laugh-out-loud comedy, but is it also an instructional tool?

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