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  • Directors' Duties

    Developed piecemeal through the years, the rules governing U.K. companies remained the statutory equivalent of a pocketful of cocktail napkin scribbles. A law about shareholder communications here, another about transactions there. The large body of common law was an enigmatic nightmare for in-house counsel. Parliament decided to alleviate the nightmare...

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  • A Smarter Alternative

    It takes a lot to excite me. I blame the chilly English blood that courses through my veins for my general apathy. But a recent development had me doing back flips. It wasn't the birth of my first child in February. Nor was it the Chicago Bears getting to the...

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  • Appeals Court Defines

    What started off as a discrimination case in Puerto Rico quickly spiraled into a linguistic debate over whether a shareholder or director is considered an employee under the law. On Jan. 19, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals answered that question for the first time. In December 2004 Lenda De...

  • AFL-CIO Sues to Make Employers Pay for Protective Gear

    When OSHA inspected Union Tank Car Co. in 1996, the agency cited the railroad car repair business for requiring its workers to pay for safety gear such as boots and welding gloves. But when Union Tank Car challenged the citation, the agency's review commission tossed it out. The commission said...

  • Court Restricts Rights of Patent Licensees

    When Propat International licensed a patent for e-mail authentication technology from Authentix, the company thought it was getting robust rights to use and enforce the patent. The agreement gave Propat, a Houston-based licensing company, authority to sell licenses and sue infringers, sharing the profits with Authentix. But when Propat went...

  • California Grocers Challenge Worker Retention Law

    In general employers are allowed to choose their workers. But that's not the case for Los Angeles grocery store owners. That's because last spring the city became one of several California cities to pass the controversial Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance. This law mandates that when a grocery store changes ownership,...

  • Court Finds Manager's Silence Speaks Volumes

    Susan Asmo had been working as a recruiter from her home in Columbus, Ohio, for eight months when she joyfully announced during an October 2001 conference call with five co-workers that she was expecting twins. As her colleagues congratulated her, Asmo noted that her boss, Scott Santoro, said nothing before...

  • Illinois AG Sues Cell Phone Spammers

    When hundreds of Illinois residents received text messages asking them to sell their timeshare properties, they were at first puzzled. But their puzzlement quickly turned to anger when they realized their cell phone providers were charging them a fee for receiving the unsolicited messages. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan stepped...

  • College Rivals Fight Over IP

    College football rivals the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and Texas A&M have moved the fight off the field and into the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. In December UT filed suit against Fadi Kalaouze, a former A&M graduate who owns and operates two college...

  • Parmalat Suit To Stay in N.J.

    A state court in Newark, N.J., is an ideal location to decide whether New York-based Citigroup Inc. was complicit in the fraud that caused the 2004 collapse of Italian dairy giant Parmalat. At least that's what Superior Court Judge Jonathan Harris thinks. "After carefully reviewing a hastily cobbled together record...

Small Talk

Inside Non-Profits

  • Passive Pressure

    Most of us recognize passive-aggressive behavior. As you're making good time on the interstate and you hear from the passenger seat, "Honey, would you like to stop?" you know it is not a question. Woe unto him who answers, "no," and keeps driving. An hour and perhaps 70 miles later...

Blog Review

  • Bag and Baggage

    While this month's cover story reveals that men still dominate top-level in-house positions, the Internet has created a level playing field for legal bloggers.

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