InsideCounsel Magazine July 2006

  • Love Hurts

    Because Americans spend more time at the office than practically any other place, coworkers are bound to forge close relationships. And often, these friendships can blossom into something more. According to a 2003 American Management Association survey, 12 percent of managers admitted to dating a subordinate. These are the relationships...

  • Getting on Board

    It's easy to describe Sarbanes-Oxley as the worst thing that has happened to companies in the history of regulation. Reams of reports and white papers have been written about the potential risks in-house counsel face under SOX. But SOX hasn't been all bad news for general counsel. As recently as...








  • Unfair Pricing

    Ford Canada's minority shareholders sued Ford for using an unfair internal transfer-pricing system to dilute Ford Canada's value.

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From The Editor

  • Taking Control

    The way for firms to differentiate themselves from the pack is by improving customer service and reducing legal fees.

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Inside Non-Profits

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  • Patently O

    For most people, a hobby is a way to indulge in an activity unrelated to their jobs. But Dennis Crouch is not one of these people.


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