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Marriott International's GC talks to the NLJ

Edward Ryan

During the two-week peephole video trial that culminated on Monday with a $55 million verdict for sportscaster Erin Andrews, Marriott International Inc.—dismissed from the case in January—struggled to distance itself from blame.

Part of the challenge for franchisor Marriott International was a defense strategy at trial by the franchisee hotel that argued Andrews’ career flourished after the video incident. Also a challenge was a franchise representative who reportedly watched the video of Andrews, now with Fox Sports, on his cellphone while at a restaurant with friends. Those incidents were a social-media gut-punch to Marriott International during the trial.

Andrews sued after Barrett recorded a nude video of her through a peephole to her room at the Nashville Marriott in 2008.

On Monday, before the verdict came in, The National Law Journal spoke to Marriott International general counsel Edward Ryan about the trial and how his company was managing the situation. After the verdict, the NLJ contacted the company for a response from Ryan. Read the interview, edited for length and clarity, on our affiliate site, The National Law Journal.

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