Survey: Businesses are OK with moving to the cloud now

Legal departments and in-house counsel are finally overcoming their fear of moving over to cloud-based solutions, according to a new survey released by Recommind this week. The company’s “2015 Corporate Legal Survey: How Legal Operations, Analytics and the Cloud are Reinventing the Corporate Law Department” shows that 84 percent of respondents’ businesses are open to leveraging cloud solutions; they’re no longer “scared from a security standpoint.”

The report indicated that only 68 percent of respondents were previously open to the cloud before now.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 80 percent of Recommind’s respondents rated their business’ cloud usage at a three or above, with 32 percent rating it at a four or a five.

As to what they’re using the cloud-based tools for, e-billing (68 percent), matter management (52 percent) and/or contract management (36 percent) are among the top uses for legal departments.

“In the next year or two, legal operations teams will continue to consider tools that provide greater control, improved analytics, and budgetary advantages,” the survey noted. “While e-discovery is a key factor for some organizations, most are interested in implementing holistic technology platforms that can adapt to a variety of compliance and information management challenges.”

Even still, there are still some legal departments that are resistant to using cloud-based solutions. As one legal executive anonymously noted in the survey: “The company has been building its own data center so it has made a long-term decision to keep its data on premises, rather than in the cloud.”


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Stephanie Forshee

Stephanie Forshee is a writer for Inside Counsel magazine. Previously, she has worked for the Puget Sound Business Journal, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal and Auto...

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