Stroz Friedberg acquires Elysium Digital, bolsters forensics teams and expands IP offerings

“The most effective way to safeguard a company’s ability to fully monetize its IP is to be thinking about protection and enforcement from the moment an idea is generated until it is replaced with the next great thing.”

Today, a lot of businesses are dependent on the development and monetization of intellectual property (IP) – gaming, TV, motion pictures, pharma, biotech, insurance and industrial products companies, to name a few. All too often, insufficient attention is given to identifying and protecting IP until enforcement action is needed.

Fortunately, global cybersecurity, investigations and risk management company Stroz Friedberg recently acquired Elysium Digital, a litigation consulting, digital forensics, and expert testimony firm.


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“The people of Elysium Digital possess highly sought after technical skills that have allowed them to tackle some of the most complex IP matters in recent history. Bringing this expertise into Stroz Friedberg will allow us to more fully address the needs of our clients around the world, not just in IP litigation and digital forensics, but across our cyber practices as well,” explained Michael Patsalos-Fox, CEO of Stroz Friedberg. 

Founded in 1997, Elysium Digital has worked with law firms, in-house counsel, and government agencies nationally. The firm has provided services, including expert testimony, IP litigation consulting, e-discovery, digital forensics investigations, and security and privacy investigations. Elysium played a role in the key technology/legal issues of its time and established itself as a premier firm providing advice and technical analysis in high-stakes legal matters. And, Stroz Friedberg, which was founded in 2000, is a provider of cybersecurity, investigations, and risk management services. Working at the intersection of technology, leadership, regulation, governance and behavioral science, the company is driven by a core purpose—seeking truth so clients can find the assurance and answers they need.

“Joining forces with Stroz Friedberg gives our clients access to a broader base of experience and global reach,” said Christian Hicks, co-founder and president, Elysium Digital. “This is a great strategic fit. We will be better in every facet of our business, and will be able to launch innovative new services that our clients have told us they need.”

Elysium Digital’s employees will join Stroz Friedberg’s Boston office, increasing employee count to over 50 - making Boston Stroz Friedberg’s third largest office in the world, after New York and London. This acquisition will strengthen Stroz Friedberg’s digital forensics and litigation consulting capabilities for cases involving IP, including patent, copyright, and trade secret matters. In addition, Elysium will contribute new talent to Stroz Friedberg’s e-discovery practice and its data security and privacy consulting team.

Trying to determine if stolen IP qualifies as a trade secret under the law while seeking relief in the courts wastes precious time that could be used to stop a theft in progress. In response to this challenge, Stroz Friedberg also announced the launch of a comprehensive IP identification, protection, and enforcement service, SIPPS (Strategic Intellectual Property Protection Service). Drawing on the experience and skills of Stroz Friedberg and Elysium Digital, SIPPS helps companies throughout the IP lifecycle by identifying trade secrets at the time of conception, ensuring the most effective and appropriate protections and controls are in place at every stage, and maximizing the company’s ability to respond rapidly and effectively when IP is misappropriated or otherwise infringed.

“The most effective way to safeguard a company’s ability to fully monetize its intellectual property is to be thinking about protection and enforcement from the moment an idea is generated until it is replaced with the next great thing. With SIPPS, companies will benefit from an integrated, lifecycle-based approach to IP protection delivered by an industry-leading team that has been on the front lines for almost 20 years,” explained Aquilina.

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