LRN and Convercent partner up for helpline and case management solution

LRN has recently decided will incorporate Convercent’s Helpline and Case Management modules into its suite of ethics & compliance education and advisory services

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it is more important than ever to understand the compliance laws and regulations that govern a business in order to become and to stay successful and profitable.

One company in the compliance space, LRN, has recently decided will incorporate Convercent’s Helpline and Case Management modules into its suite of ethics and compliance education and advisory services. Convercent gives users the ability to report misconduct and raise concerns, while providing program managers with advanced reporting and analytics tools to monitor risks.


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“This partnership makes sense on many levels for LRN and Convercent, but we’re most excited about how it provides an intuitive, holistic approach to ethics and compliance,” explained Convercent CEO Patrick Quinlan in a recent interview. “By improving the user experience of both avoiding and managing risk, the combination of our two services simplifies the day-to-day complexities of ethics and compliance management.”

These days, LRN’s services include education, advisory, management and technology solutions designed to help organizations develop successful corporate cultures. And Convercent’s Helpline and Case Management software is part of an integrated governance, risk and compliance platform that centralizes anonymous helplines, Web portals and in-person reports, allowing organizations to identify suspected misconduct.

For the past two decades, LRN has helped over 20 million people at more than 700 companies across the world navigate difficult legal and regulatory environments and create ethical cultures. Its tools, education and advice help companies translate values into corporate practices that create competitive advantage. And, Convercent’s risk-based global compliance solution enables the design, implementation, and measurement of a successful compliance program.

LRN CEO Dov Seidman said, “LRN aspires to help foster corporate cultures where every employee, regardless of role, is free to speak out, where every concern will be listened and responded to thoughtfully, and where new ideas will be considered respectfully. Convercent’s innovative technology will play a key role in enabling this two-way conversation."

Over the past several years, LRN has created a reputable position in this space by giving corporate compliance executives a voice in their organization, and this partnership with Convercent promises that employees all over the world will have a voice too. Both companies share the same goals; LRN is a leader in advising compliance executives and educating workforces in ethical behavior, while Convercent creates advanced, intuitive reporting tools for that same workforce.

Quinlan said, “Together, we provide everything a compliance program needs to ensure ethical behavior, but to also address the hopefully rare occurrences of misconduct in the most transparent and professional way possible.”

As compliance continues to grow, so do the expectations of compliance executives. Managing a global workforce, in complex legal environments, among the rapid rate of technological advancement, have all made compliance leaders crave an approach to their jobs that is more scalable. According to Quinlan, this partnership allows LRN and Convercent to cater to those heightened expectations with comprehensive, complementary solutions that have been purpose-built with these challenges in mind. Additionally, it allows both organizations to continue to develop and offer the solutions to maintain the focus, innovation and product leadership needed to address customer needs and goals. .

Quinlan said, “LRN has spent 20 years giving corporate compliance executives the tools and expertise to be an important voice within their organization. Convercent’s new technology makes hotline and case management intuitive and practical, promising that employees all over the world have a voice, too.”

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